Break-out sessies – North Sea Neighbours Congress

Break-out sessions - Go4export North Sea Neighbours Congress

You can choose two sessions:

  • Agri-Tech  > Willand Group

This break-out session will be hosted by the UK company Willand Group. Willand Group works as a systems integrator, bringing together a wide range of technologies into simple and effective business operations. Our combination of established solutions from tough industrial and new devices from brave start-ups promises to be the most sustainable and profitable way to produce animal protein. Daniel Larn is going to tell you all about it.

Daniel grew up in agriculture, but when he saw how difficult the dairy sector could be, he decided to do something else. After leaving home to study, Daniel soon found himself in the oil and gas industry, working as a surveyor. Now, back on dry land, he is putting some of his 'oil and gas thinking' into farming and is developing smart and efficient systems for animal husbandry.

  • Food and proteins  > Area cooperative Southwest Drenthe & Food Valley

The break-out session on the theme of food and proteins will be organised by the area cooperative Southwest Drenthe and Food Valley.

From the Area cooperative Southwest Drenthe, Jan van Goor will tell you more about trends and developments in the field of food and proteins. He is an entrepreneur, connector, conceptual thinker and an enthusiastic person with a clear view on life.
For example, in cooperation with Van der Zee Vlees from Emmen, he developed the Vlega ball with field bean meal. The meatball had to have a good mouth feel and taste, so we ended up with 70% meat and 30% vegetable protein. You can also use the protein-rich field bean meal 25% in other products such as bread, biscuits and pancakes. Jan will give you some pointers that you can use in your own business.

Jan van Goor will deliver this session together with Jeroen Willemsen from Foodvalley. Foodvalley's Protein Cluster is an international network that connects plant protein start-ups and corporates worldwide. Their innovations and business growth accelerate by connecting them to inspiring international partners, capital, unique facilities and knowledge, and providing in-depth webinars. Jeroen, or 'the protein commissioner of the Netherlands', has dedicated his career to accelerating the protein shift and would love to take you through these developments.

  • Healthy foods > TastyBasics

Jan Buining, DGA at TastyBasics, gives an interesting session about healthy foods. At TastyBasics, we want to make healthy eating easier. In fact, we think healthy food should become the new normal. After all, isn't it strange that it's so difficult to buy healthy food?

TastyBasics develops products that fit into a healthy lifestyle. Products that make it easy to change your eating habits. Our range includes everything you know - bread, pasta, crackers, muesli and bars - but the difference is that our products are made from ingredients that are not processed. We call it real food: food that not only fills you up, but actually feeds you.

  • Biobased > ID Agro (Roundhouse)

The biobased session will be given by Marco Noordman, DGA at ID Agro.
ID Agro is a dynamic company that has been developing and marketing innovative housing systems for the livestock sector for 15 years. An example of this is The Roundhouse®. It is characterised by its simplicity and its natural round shape that dates back to the Bronze Age. In this shed concept, the round shape has been further optimised using modern materials and techniques. The result is a sustainable barn concept in which animal welfare, ease of work and cost efficiency are the main features. The Roundhouse® was originally designed for beef cattle, but is also very suitable for dairy cattle, transition cows, young cattle or as a roof for the carrousel milking parlour. The Roundhouse® is no ordinary cow shed, it is a shelter. The round shape suits the natural herd behaviour of the cows. This ultramodern shelter is equipped with all modern conveniences. Marco is happy to take you further into the story of The Roundhouse®.

  • Establishing your business in The Netherlands  > Oost NL & NOM

Marloes de Goeijen from Oost NL is happy to tell you how to successfully start your business in the Netherlands together with NOM (Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands). Oost NL supports companies to grow, by helping foreign companies to set up their business and by helping established companies to grow from the region. NOM helps companies in the Northern Netherlands with all sorts of issues, from financing to finding a great business location. In this session we will inform you about our free and tailormade services and we would like to answer your questions.

  • Practical aspects of exporting to the United Kingdom (Dutch session) > evofenedex

In this break-out session we will discuss the practical aspects of exporting to the UK. This session is presented in Dutch by Willemijn Gwanmesia from evofenedex. evofenedex is the entrepreneurs' association for logistics and international business. Based on the most frequently asked questions of entrepreneurs who are already doing business in the UK, we will discuss 5 hot issues concerning the organisation of export.

Willemijn is responsible for product innovation within international business at evofenedex. Over the past two years, evofenedex has been at the forefront of preparing for and implementing the impact of Brexit on goods flows. Inbound and outbound. Every day, she helps members to optimally organize their logistics and to improve their international business.

  • Practical aspects of exporting to the Netherlands >  British Embassy The Hague

This session is hosted by the British Embassy in The Hague. Julliete Kuiken and Chenoa Geert from the British Embassy will take you through the practical aspects of exporting to the Netherlands.
The British Department for International Trade ensures British and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment. In the Netherlands, we support British companies exporting to the Netherlands and help Dutch companies wishing to invest in the UK. At our office at the British Embassy in The Hague, we have a team of 11 trade and investment advisers to answer your business questions. In this session, we will tell you the 'do's & don'ts' of exporting to the Netherlands.