Webinar: Future Japanese Dairy Sector

Key issues of the Japanese dairy chain and decision making by Japanese dairy farmers

Why this webinar?

The Dutch and Japanese dairy sectors have quite a few similarities: family farms, fertile climate to grow grass and fodder crops and herd size ranges between about 50 and 200 cows. But also differences: Japanese cost price and milk price are higher, Dutch farms are facing sustainability challenges, Japanese farms are lacking manpower. Business climate and habits are connected to national cultures and Dutch organizations who like to collaborate with Japanese partners will have to cope with cultural differences. In this webinar Japanese experts who play key roles in the Japanese dairy sector are invited to share their experiences, outlooks and opinions about the future of this sector. The webinar is tailor made for Dutch dairy suppliers and Dutch R&D staff who are interested to collaborate with Japanese partners in the dairy sector. The content ranges from dairy outlooks to decision making on the farm, and from collaboration with strong cooperatives to organizing a distribution network.

This webinar is organized in close collaboration between Dutch Dairy Centre1 , the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo2 , the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and a consortium of eight dairy suppliers and Wageningen University and Research who are exploring collaboration with the Japanese dairy sector


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Contact person in the Netherlands: Jelle Zijlstra, dairy economist Wageningen University & Research, jelle [dot] zijlstra [at] wur [dot] nl Contact person in Japan: Yuko Saito, agricultural advisor of the Netherlands Embassy in Japan, yuko [dot] saito [at] minbuza [dot] nl