Invitation for Participation at ‘TRANSFORM’


"Boost for the digital transformation of companies"

Do you have innovative digital solulutions for companies? Is your startup ready to go abroad? Do you want to expand your business internationally, connecting with investors and expanding your network to Germany? Yes, then join the Dutch delegation at ‘TRANSFORM’!

The two-day event will focus on the digital transformation of the German economy. It will take place on 6 and 7 March 2024 at Station Berlin. TRANSFORM offers more than 200 hours of programme on three stages, exhibition area, management briefings and learning opportunities for the digitalisation of companies. There will be deep dives into technologies such as AI, quantum computing, AR & VR or hybrid clouds and opportunities to share experiences. Both global players and tech startups will be there.

German companies need to digitalise and often completely rebuild their business models, which have been very successful for decades. The importance of digitalisation for the business is recognised, but the majority of companies face difficulties in implementing it. 
Participating at TRANSFORM offers your startup or scale-up a unique chance to showcase your vision and solutions to an engaged audience of industry leaders, investors, and peers who share your passion. This is your moment to propel your business forward and establish meaningful collaborations that could change the course of your journey.

Schedule programm ‘TRANSFORM’:
• February Digital pre-event session 
• Tuesday 05 March: Ice-breaker Netherlands Embassy in Berlin 
• Wednesday 06 March: TRANSFORM – Day 1
• Thursday 07 March: TRANSFORM – Day 2

Four pillars of TRANSFORM → participants can expect: 
1. Expo: The Expo includes an exhibition or lounge area and provides a dynamic platform for companies and startups to showcase their successful projects, products, services and innovations. The Expo showcases concrete solutions for digitising business processes and pioneering ideas for using new technologies. A ‘Get Started Area’ brings together innovative tech startups and established companies.
2. Congress: Integrated into the Expo, the congress offers the chance to benefit from presentations around digital innovation on three stages.
3. Learning: Build focused knowledge around digital transformation, including through concentrated management briefings and individual consultations.
4. Networking: More than 5.000 industry participants are expected to attend TRANSFORM. 
This will provide opportunities for participantsto connect with companies and government agencies, exchange ideas and establish partnerships. Contact activities will be promoted via an event app.

1. New technologies: cloud solutions offerings, big data & data analytics, AI for decision making and automation, application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 
2. Digital processes and solutions: business process automation, predictive analytics, digital workflows, digital supply chain optimisation, process mining (business process visualisation) and digital assistants. 
3. Marketing and sales: customer experience, e-commerce platforms, digital marketing strategies and data-driven sales.
4. Security and trust: security of digital processes against e.g. cyber-attacks, data breaches, encryption technologies to network security strategies and data protection. 
5. Trust services: measures that make digital transactions secure and legally binding, collaboration in digital ecosystems, new business models, digital strategy and sustainability using digital technologies. 
6. Human Resources & Change: effective change management, agile working methods and collaboration tools, skills development, innovative training programmes and learning platforms, talent recruitment (diversity) and digital leadership models.

Signing up for this event is possible until Monday 12 February 2024. A maximum of 15 participants (with 2 pax each) can join this event. It is important that the participants that go along fall within the set-up and substantive focus of the event. 
Registration therefore does not automatically mean participation in the event. You will receive notification of participation a few days after 15 February. The working languages of the event are German and English. 

You can participate if you meet the following requirements:
• Your product or service is high-tech, innovative and potentially disruptive.
• There is a proven market acceptance for your product or service on the Dutch market.
• You have started - or are ready for - international scale-up to the German market.
• You are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. 
• The technology behind your product or service focuses on Business-to-Business (B2B).
• Your company was founded after 2011.
• You have a presentable or visible prototype.
If you do not exactly fit the above profile, but you have a convincing motivation, then let us know when you apply why you should be part of the Dutch delegation to the ‘TRANSFORM’.

• Participation and all the costs connected with ‘TRANSFORM` are covered, so free of charge for the Dutch startups and scale-ups.
• Travel and accommodation costs are at your own expense. Meals and drinks are also at your own expense, unless otherwise stated in the programme.

• The organisation of the NLD delegation is in the hands of the Startup Liaison Officer of the Dutch Embassy in Germany. 

For registration, please contact: 

Eva Vergles / Startup Liaison Officer 
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Germany

eva [dot] vergleskooistra [at] minbuza [dot] nl


Berlin, Germany