Digital Food Logistics

Digital Food Logistics

The food sector is already an important factor within the Dutch-German economic relations. Logistics plays a major role in this. Digitalisation is a challenge for this sector as well and we see opportunities for further Dutch-German cooperation in this progressive field of logistics.

Let us share knowledge and visions on the future of digital food logistics.

The rapidly increasing volatility in transportation rapidly changing demand, smaller dropsizes, broader range) shows the limits of the existing control paradigms in logistics. In combination with the increasing scarcity (personnel, infrastructure, tolerance of external costs) and the growing focus on sustainability, there is a major challenge for logistics chains to deal with these aspects at the same time. Smarter chain management in combination with increasingly higher requirements (faster, more sustainable, with fewer resources) relies on digitelization of information, in many more applications, with many more sensors and in much greater detail. The term data-driven logistics expresses the importance of "data-driven" decision-making, a prerequisite for a successful transition to an emission-free and competitive logistics system.

In the coming months we will work towards a physical meeting at the Fruit Logistica in February 2022.

Prior to this, we want to built a community, organizing several online and offline activities.

Digital Food Logistics

The first webinar will take place on June 24

talking about digitalization of food logistics.

But it is more than that. We share expert views on the future of the sector.

Please join us and discuss importance of the sector developments.


Programme Digital Food Logistic

15:00 Welcome & Introduction

15:40 Break

15:45 Presentations by Dutch & German companies

  • Simacan
  • Euro Pool System
  • Staay Food Group

16:45 Q & A

16.55 Wrap up

Further information & registration at:

Digital Food Logistics

This webinar will be held in German



Please also mark your calendar for September 21, when the next webinar will take place. If you have any suggestions for this webinar, feel free to contact us.