Agri-tech fact finding mission in Ireland

Do you have an innovative solution in the field of environmental management for dairy production and ruminant livestock agriculture? Do you want to learn more about the challenges and opportunities for your business and research in Ireland? Then join us on an agri-tech fact finding mission in Ireland from October 23rd to 25th. This fact finding mission is open to Dutch companies and knowledge institutions with innovative solutions for the challenges faced by Ireland.

As the largest and oldest indigenous sector in Ireland, agriculture is the backbone of the rural economy. With an increased focus on water quality, climate change, nature restoration and carbon reduction, and as the largest contributor to greenhouse gasses (GHG’s) accounting for 34% of total emissions, there is growing pressure on the agricultural sector in Ireland to achieve its legally binding targets.

Why is this fact finding mission being organized? 

In July 2022, the Irish Government agreed a target of a 25% reduction in GHG’s across the agricultural sector by 2030. This is an ambitious target for the sector which is predominantly made up of livestock production with dairy production as its largest subsector. Coupled with these GHG reduction targets, Ireland also has clear EU targets to meet its water quality and biodiversity objectives which agriculture is central to as the largest land user on the island. With water quality trends currently static, the nitrates derogation which is essential to the dairy sector is under imminent threat. This is leading to a possible stocking rate reduction across farms in areas where nitrate levels in water are increasing and water quality is declining. Given these ambitious targets and challenges that are similar to the challenges faced in the Dutch sector, there is great demand for cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise in the area of environmental management, circular agriculture and carbon farming with technologies, innovations and research focused on mitigating and assisting with carbon reduction, water quality improvement, animal health measurements, and on farm renewable energy.

Who is this fact finding mission for?

It is open to Dutch companies and knowledge institutions who are interested in learning more about the opportunities for cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the agricultural sector in Ireland and particularly in relation to environmental challenges it faces. It is especially aimed at those engaged in ruminant livestock production, animal health and welfare, agricultural technology and digital systems, circular agriculture, air, water and soil quality and manure technology systems.

What will participants gain?

The fact finding mission offers participants the opportunity to learn about the state of play in Ireland’s agricultural sector, its challenges, opportunities and to meet the key players in the agri-tech and innovation sector and in research and development in order to collaborate, build networks and strengthen ties with Ireland.

A preliminary programme outline is available subject to change and registration. Spaces for this fact finding mission are limited. Costs for travel to and from Ireland as well as food and lodging will be at the expense of the participant.

More information

If you would like more information or have any questions about this fact finding mission or would like to indicate your interest to participate, please contact Aoife Feeney, Agricultural Advisor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dublin no later than August 31st 2023 via dub-lnv [at] minbuza [dot] nl.